RecEnroll is registration software designed for Recreation District or Department staff. It is easy to use and easy to administer and is backed by a company committed to providing the best possible support.

It makes sense to automate your class registration; maybe you've already done it. It's great to have rosters, waiting lists, emergency contacts, enrollment counts all available at the click of a mouse.

But, you shouldn't need a computer degree to manage the program. You shouldn't have to learn new tools.

Are you looking for a better way to register participants for your recreation classes? Do you need an automated solution that does not require users to have a computer degree?

How about on-line registration so your community can enroll in your activities any time, day or night!

HindeNet LLC brings you RecEnroll, a fully integrated web-enabled registration system for the rest of us. With RecEnroll your staff will be able to:

In short, all of the tasks involved in managing your programs are available in one source that runs on your desktop using software that your staff is familiar with - a web browser like Internet Explorer. RecEnroll is easy to administer and easy to use.

RecEnroll is affordably priced and is available in options that will fit your specific needs. Add in the responsiveness of our development team and tech support and you having a winning solution for your management needs.

You can contact us at:
HindeNet, LLC.